Thursday, March 3, 2011

theLARGEST EASELpainting


  1. Rajasekharan, I sat in awe as I watched your video. What an undertaking. And, done so well. Congratulations on your achievement in making the Guinness world record!

  2. Oh my gosh Raj. This is amazing. What a large painting to take on and to have painted it so beautifully. You are a master.....
    Congratulations on your accomplishment. I dont think anyone else out there has or will be able to acheive what you have.
    Take care my friend,

  3. Hats off to the Genius of your talent, appropriately recognised by the Guinness World Records.

    An astounding feat. Its difficulty doubled by the crude shakey scaffolding, and the canvas flapping in the wind.

    The artist also seems to be an excellent high altitude acrobat - balanced and unflustered on the high scaffold, without the security of a harness. Any prizes for that ?